Welcome to Mount Vernon Academy

Established in 1975

school_seal_masterFor over forty years Mount Vernon has set the standard for excellence in private education. Fully accredited, Mount Vernon offers a complete educational experience for grades Kindergarten through 12. As a non-denominational private school, we believe that all students have the ability to learn and succeed, and that education must have a personal focus. Our curriculum is rich and demanding and our extra curricular opportunities are phenomenal.

College Preparation

Mount Vernon Academy’s college counseling team is vastly experienced in both secondary education and college admissions. The following is a small sampling of Universities that have accepted our students. Arizona, Boston College, BYU, College of Charleston, Cornell, Cleveland State, Florida, Fordham, Georgia State, Kent State, London School of Economics, Miami of Ohio, Michigan State, Murray State, Pittsburgh State, UCLA, USC, Utah, Utah State, Warner Pacific, Washington State, Weber State, Westminster.

International Program

Since 1988, Mount Vernon Academy has been one of the premier destinations for international students from around the globe. With one of the best ESL programs in the country, Mount Vernon Academy excels in preparing these students for entrance into many of the top universities in the United States.

Elementary Program

At Mount Vernon Academy, our elementary curriculum extends from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  The curriculum consistently challenges every student to learn, grow, and think for themselves. Art, math,  music, science, social studies, technology, and physical education play an equally important role. Field trips to museums, parks, the arts, supplement the classroom experience. As a whole, our curriculum gives children the tools and capabilities to become well-rounded individuals while achieving academic success.

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